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    Credits: Mutt
Mutt Industries
There is no flash in Mutt’s SE Portland workspace. It’s a butcher shop or a mechanic’s garage. There are posters, paint cans, art books, manuals, tools and spare parts everywhere. We don’t care. Keeping a tidy house has never been high on our priorities. We’ve known since the start that it’s the Mutts that make Mutt so powerful. A Mutt is chosen, not because he or she does one thing really well, but because each individual brings multiple talents to our helter-skelter team. We have art directors that take beautiful photos, designers capable of nasty drum solos, copywriters that make short films, video editors that music supervise and account leads that contribute brilliant creative ideas. This is what makes us great and we’ve captured this idea in our agency identity and web experience. Each new hire ist asked with creating their own unique Mutt — their perfect hybrid creature, representing their creative spirit. Over time, each Mutt is integrated into our web experience as it grows and changes. Our agency and our work is only as good as the family members that create together. It only makes sense that our identity reflects this.