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Today share Asel T-shirt box (air box) design. At that time the production of T-shirt would like to be very thoughtful, extension of the product packaging want to do, but only the cost did not consider, and later because of the cost of production from the whole link or cut off the box, because the cost is really too high!
The basic design is done in the AI, the purpose of the design is the box, box, box! The In the time to do some reference to the foreign designers to do the box, with reference to the master's works can learn a lot of Oh!
I think brown should be the most environmentally friendly paper with the color, and modify it, directly with!
Some of the box to show the brand is the most important quality, through the quality of mind in mind after the product.
3d renderings , rendering the map can take time! ,my home computer running in general slow, the computer or last year in the change it I want to improve the configuration!