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    First collection of designs for a t-shirt store www.kinkiking.com
First collection of designs for a t-shirt store www.kinkiking.com
Oh my GooOOOoood!
Mr. Rubik is trying, one more time, to solve with no success at all, the mistery of the cube that has his name.
The Count of Monte Cristo is peacefully consuming the long hours of his lengthy captivity.
Mrs. Death always brings at home all that she founds on the street floor!
Johnny was a happy toast, until an unfortunate accident a day during a breakfast burn him in flames and he became the... Toast Rider!
Since now, strip poker was for children. We merge domino and xtreme fetish to create... Dominatrix! Rules are simple: obey and shut up, bastard!
A superhero must be clean: inside and outside. Bathman will wash the crime of our streets.
Ohhh shit! My coffee got cold again!
In 2010 monster-crime has become bigger than 2009. A new Giant Turtle Monster arrives at the city, the son of Gamera is already here...the nightmare continues!!!!
Gum+Gundam= Gumdam
There's no battery enough potent in the world for a Mechael Jackson
FunKaneda is a bike gang leader whose close friend Beatsuo gets involved in a Beatboxing Secret Project known as BLAkira. On his way to save Beatsuo, FunKaneda runs into a group of anti-beatboxing activists, greedy rappers, irresponsible Reggae men and a powerful "Black Metal" leader...
Kill your profile and be an Antisocial Media
Badges designs relationated with tees collections.