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Taxi company (re)brand

I couldn't find so many "Before & After" graphic rebranding projects, so I made one here, just to show the actual field work. 

- This is one of the oldest and possibly the largest taxi companies in my city. They had a peculiar problem regarding their branding. There was a significant number of fake taxis bearing their name, but not being associated with "Delta" company in any way. They were undermining the image of the company among other things. In an effort to stop that, "Delta" was changing their branding several times over the years, but the impostors quickly copied and adopted to every new image. 

The management recognized the need for uniformity within their brand, but also needed something that will be really difficult and expensive to copy. 

- This is what they showed me:
Old logo
Car branding 
Fare and pricing information
One (of many) versions of the business card
The old website 
They gave me some guidelines:

- Their official colour is blue. 
- For some reason they want their logo to be always in black and red, and I can do very few modifications or no changes to it.
- All of their telephone numbers have to fit on the business card (the online app still didn't ketch up at the time so the majority of customers went through their call centre). 
- Business card had to be one-sided, leaving the other side for eventual notes.
- They loved the chequer (pattern). 

So, i started by cleaning up the logo, adding the blue pattern to the background that had unique shape and palette that couldn't be easily reconstructed without the original files. Since my hands were tied regarding the colour of the logo, I used a white triangle behind it to prevent it from blending into the background. Then I reversed the triangle to give the whole thing more optical tension. The triangle (the delta) appears everywhere in the design. 

Logo, cleaned
Business cards 
Every fare gets one free stamp. Ten stamps - stick them on, send them and win one of the prizes. Customer engagement. 
Fare and pricing information - placed on the dashboard of every car
New website
New website - mobile version
So in the end - it worked. There were no fake Deltas anymore, no over billing, no nuisance. It is still looking fine and making "Delta" the most recognizable taxi service in the city. 
Taxi company (re)brand

Taxi company (re)brand