The Red Skeleton with Black Birds, and Sugar Skulls
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    Ceramic sculptures reminiscent of the Mexican Day of the Dead.
The Red Skeleton with Black Birds
and some sugar skulls too
Skeletons are a recurring theme in my work. My fascinationwith skeletons and skulls is primarily from exposure to Mexican culture and immersionin the underground music scene. I do not see skeletons as representations ofdeath.

The Mexican folk artist Alfonso Castillo has influenced my approach toceramics, in imagery, construction methods and surface decoration. Much of his workepitomizes the celebration of the Day of the Dead. This holiday is marked to recallpersons that have passed and as a reminder of our own mortality.

Skeletons are the foundation of our flesh and after decaythe only thing that remains. Nearly every culture on earth use skulls to conveya warning. In modern American pop culture skeletons can say I’m a badass stayaway or I’m cool. Either way skulls are here to stay.