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    Travelogues Permanent Exhibition at JFK
JFK Airport, New York, USA
The sterile corridor is a space peculiar to the regulatory nature of contemporary air travel. It is a featureless non-place between jurisdictions, between the place left behind and the one about to be entered, a space in which diverse travelers share the status of world citizens in limbo. Defined by one-directional movement toward Customs and Passport Control, the sterile corridor is a space to pass through and not stop. The permanent installation in collaboration with Tom Brigham, comprises thirty-three backlit lenticular screens evenly spaced along the 1800 linear feet of corridors of the International Arrivals Building. Each screen holds one second of action, animated by the speed of the moving viewer. The succession of screens builds a sequence of micro-movies; the spaces between screens form time lapses. Thus, the traveler walking down the sterile corridor will inadvertently engage a real-time moving picture narrative in tiny installments. Each set of panels tells a short fiction about an anonymous traveler via the suitcase they carry. The cases are x-rayed and contents materialize to trigger a flashback of a travel experience.