The Greed Hornet
Corporations are people, my friend. The walk among us.
The first thing that got me started thinking seriously about this project was my memory of the original Green Hornet series that was on tv back when I was a kid
The most recurring storyline in that very short-lived series was as follows:  The Green Hornet finds the bad guys, the bad guys capture the Green Hornet or incapacitate him in some way, and then Kato (Bruce Lee) comes in and always saved his life or got him out of a jam using his awesome martial  arts skills. ALWAYS! It made you start to wonder as to why the Hell Kato didn't just ditch the dead weight and have his own show.  I thought the parallel between the original Green Hornet-Kato : Romney-Ryan (Cato) was just too stark to go unappreciated.
I had to kill a lot of my darlings. 

After a while of thinking about the initial concept, I soon came to realize that there were just so many different ideas I could include in a satirical Romney, "Green Hornet" poster that were an easy reach. But I decided to stop thinking, knock down the clever and just keep it simple. I think it relays the message I wanted to express without the added visual pollution