Grand Bourget

Grand Bourget is a modern residential complex in Bucha, near Kyiv. There is everything for a comfortable life: ponds, shopping center, underground parking, fitness club with three pools and kindergarten.

The concept takes its beginning in France, province Savoie, where the lake du Bourget is spread across over 18 km. The name and style of new brand refer to water and wind over the lake, refined and picturesque motifs of french province.  

Contrary to the usual way of stylization «à la française» which uses antiqua typefaces, we created a grotesque sans serif lettering instead, with playfully stretched «A» and mimicked french diacritics in Cyrillic «É», which also serves as an accent mark for Ukrainian language.

Two separate sets of custom numbers are made for best usage on both large and small surfaces. The graphical striped numbers are best for big floor designations or markings on parking lots. The set of more restrained and practical monolite numbers are best for apartment doors, key trinkets or everyday paperwork. 

In addition to motifs of the lake and French province we were inspired by the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier and his famous fashion stripes. The outdoor ads showcase the young mademoiselle with striped motifs in clothing and breezy stripes in the background. 

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Designed by Madcats Branding Agency in Kyïv · MMXVII

Grand Bourget