Golden State Warriors Fan Card Illustration
Golden State Warriors Cheer Card
Fan Night Cheer Card Sponsored by Adobe.

Create/design a cheer card featuring the Golden State Warriors' starting five. Coming up with the initial concept was challenging because I wanted to avoid a design with typographical emphasis. After watching the Warriors' intro video, I was inspired to create an illustration which focuses on the players' teamwork, intensity and level of play. My other focus was to unite the players so that they appear as one unit. The cheer card would be given to all in attendance for the final home game of the season versus the L.A. Lakers (4/12/17). 
Process: Draw

The process starts in Adobe Illustrator Draw. Each player was drawn individually just in case the client wanted to use the illustrations on different assets. Each player was sketch out using the tapered brush tool set to 7pts with a 40% stroke opacity--this is my way of mimicking a blue photosensitive sketch pencil. Here's a few screen grabs of the process:

The great folks at Apple created this awesome .gif.
Thanks Apple!
Process: Illustrator

After completion and likeness approvals, illustrations were exported to Illustrator via share menu "Send to Illustrator" for final edits, gradients and color correction. Next, each player was saved and File > Place on to an art board for the final composite.

Special thanks to Adobe and the Warriors.