Identity, Logo Design, Pattern Illustrations
Rosti is a brand new restaurant, just opened in the Pigneto area of Rome. 
I was asked to develop an identity for the place that consisted in a Logo Design and Pattern for staff shirts, menu, wine and beer labels, envelopes and so on.
Rosti is characterized by a very friendly, genuine atmospheres and excellent food selection, surrounded by a big garden with games for children, social tables and is open from morning till 02.00 AM.Big attention to fresh and local products selection is paid by the renowned chef Marco Gallotta.
you can see an alternative logo proposal at the bottom of the project.
Additional illustration works will follow in another upcoming project.
Rosti Logo and Pattern:

Pantone Selection
Staff shirts
Rosti white wine label
Rosti garden
Rosti garden
Opening 23 septembter 2012
Alternative Logo proposal