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Redesign for 'Play Station 1'
Industrial Design
PDF HAUS is a practical product design educational institution situated in Korea.
PDF HAUS, which started from a designer community called PDF (Product Designer's Forum), was able to sense the difficulties that students, designer-to-be or new designers, or other non-majors interested in design are going through, and the passion in them.
So, This led to the project PDF HAUS.
Just like the name Product Designer’s Forum, experienced designers take part in projects of practical designs through their know-hows and advice. For quenching thirst of design to People of diverse fields, we are trying to educate "designing for practical design."
Designed By Mingyu Kim with PDF HAUS
All Pictures cannot be copied without permission Copyright ⓒ 2017 PDF HAUS

Redesign for 'Play Station 1'