The one place to hire smart, scrappy, motivated students

Flipgigs, aims to create a talent based P2P student services marketplace connecting consumers and businesses with a scrappy, motivated, affordable network of students that are eager to take on part-time gigs and jobs. Flipgigs builds on the social profile and hence there is a greater trust associated with real identities unlike some other websites. It's not difficult to calculate your reliability, consistency, and responsiveness from the trail you leave as you engage with others on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. The incentive to be good is high as any negative rating has the possibility to be carried to the rest of the web through the social network.

Flipgigs was the first of the project of this kind and scale, for me as a freelancer at www.abovethemark.in. I did the end-to-end design and front-end development for this product. Some of the key task involves branding and , , , , , and development.