Back in 2016 we were asked by Shanghai-based restaurateur Franck Pecol to recreate the branding & identity of one of his many businesses, burger joint Rachel’s, that had been opened for a year and a half and was struggling to reach its full potential. 

We then developed the new image of Rachel's around references of retro American diners and worked with Beijing-based designer Monkey Ben to create the mascot of the place, all together giving a more friendly, homey though funky feeling to the place.

Our work for this project included the design of all branded items (menus, coasters, packaging, stickers, caps for the staff...) but also the creation of a huge fresco and window signs to spice up the interior design.

The new image of Rachel's was a huge success, not only among the restaurant's customers but also on social media until the place had to close down for some reason.

Though there's nothing left of Rachel's today we still really like the branding we created and we must say the food there was awesome. Here's to you Monsieur Pecol!