Alfa Romeo - illustration / Copy -  Art Direction - BTL
Alfa Romeo - illustration / Copy - Art Direction
Alfa Romeo - Billboard Wide
Alfa Romeo - illustration / Copy
Alfa Romeo - Billboard LetterBox
Alfa Romeo - illustration - Process
This was a Xperimental project for work with vectorial elements, i was exploring the power and the abilities about the software Corel Draw and take the time for have a reference about the practical for make this project with this technique (vectors), all the illustration take around to 8 hrs. with the copy process (slogan, words, brainstorming, clean and define the final phrase). 10 hrs.

I did not have many references because this illustration was made around the 2007 and the internet and info it was not like now.
The Mockups was made in 45 min, i search the image on internet, choose some one and make the mount of art.