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    Deuce Brand Design created by The Labelmaker, 2017 http://www.thelabelmaker.eu/portfolio/deuce-brand-design Design Made in Bulgaria
A Wine Court for Two Players
The Deuce Brand Design story starts somewhere in the middle of 2016 when I met Lalo Geshev and after a few months Nikolay Kolev. Lalo is bass player and Nikolay is a drummer. Both are winemakers. Both are very different – Lalo is often floating up in the clouds while Nikolay is fully grounded. Lalo is making the reds, Nikolay – whites. They are friends, partners and they even play in the same band and what was quite evident to me that everything they do together was absolutely 50/50! Well after this portrait of their team I really had no other choice but name their new project the Deuce Winery. They are deuce as number and deuce as relations – no one is taking over the other!

So this is the story behind the name. I really felt it was a real hit and Lalo & Nikolay agreed 100% (50% Lalo and 50% Nikolay).

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