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Yeaaah! Studio - Spring 2017
I always try to make our lookbooks interesting because I don't want these to be just pictures of people wearing our tees.
So for our Spring 2017 collection, I had the idea of re-drawing the models in a manga/anime style and slightly animate them.
I had our friend Berzerker shoot the models (Maëva Jaouen & Clément Baptiste) in his office's backyard to get reference material for the characters, and then I created the backgrounds and animations.
I was so stoked on how the animated GIFs looked that I HAD to make a video in the style of Japanese anime openings. Plus, the song 『真夜中のドア - Stay With Me』by Miki Matsubara was perfectly fitting the mood of the illustrations.
I never did any video or animation before so I had to work hard and learn how to use Adobe After Effects but it was absolutely worth it!

Hope you enjoy :)
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Since many of you guys kept asking for it (thanks a lot for that!!), we also released a second edition of our previously-soldout artbook.
Like the original version it's been risograph-printed by Presto Edition in Paris, but this time, only in 2 colors.
Thanks for watching!
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Yeaaah! Studio - Spring 2017

Yeaaah! Studio - Spring 2017

Spring 2017 animated lookbook