the Band & the Album
An alternative rock band from St. Louis, Missouri, Ludo made their biggest debut in 2003. For those not familiar with their songs, their most known single is "Love Me Dead."  That single was released on their album You're Awful, I Love You. Prior to that album came Broken Bride. Although it is traditionally Alternative, it is referred to as the "Rock Opera." This is due to the sequential events and manner of storytelling that takes place from song to song. It's a tragic love story about a man, traveling through time, in hopes of being reunited with his wife. Among the members are Andrew Volpe, Tim Ferrell, Tim Convey and Matt Palermo.
the Art
My piece shows the climax of a romantic couple's tragic tale. Using simple graphics, textures and symbolism, I recreated a visual representation for Ludo's audio story.
Ink Pen on Bristol
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