Redesign most of the important pages: main home page, each section home page, movie info page, image gallery, 5 different content pages, and some of the minor ones too. All responsive to be viewed on mobile as well.

A lot of user data was studied by me and the Director of Operations, my friend André Machado, as we had to prototype and show to stakeholders to ensure we were on the same page.

Problems with the current version

So much text, cutter sections, no hierarchy, no SEO and no good images to get user's attention.
Design decisions

Better hierarchy, feature content more visible, new image galleries, better color management, the new font for readability, search in a more effective position, and new sections.
Solutions we found

After a couple experimentations and a few tests with prototypes, we got the final structure and visuals approved with stakeholders. The goal was always to try to give to the user the best content experience a pop culture website could provide. Larger images, movie trailers, a new way to write reviews and critics.