When Yuri reached me with his idea to help people get therapy sessions using an app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, I jumped right in. Because that's the meaning of design: to make peoples lives easier! So, I am the head of design, product designer and all the other design titles of Fala Freud.
The story of the app

The very first version of FalaFredu was simply to connect therapists and psychologists with our end user, which is the patient. After the patient created his account, the app redirects him to FalaFreud's main therapist to understand the patient's needs.
After that, he must insert his credit card to initiate the sessions. The payment was a monthly basis and the user had unlimited messages.
The new version still monthly billed but now, besides the unlimited messages, the patient could send audio messages, and schedule video sessions. The user can buy hours of video session which time is decreased by each session.