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Venom Chair II
"Venom II" is a limited-edition chair prototype designed by Onur Ozkaya. The project is exploring the structural potential of carbon fiber on a double curved surface. The challenge of the project was to design a residential chair to provide both stable and spatial qualities without having any legs in order to minimize both material usage and fabrication - assembly time. The whole body emerges from the floor as a single surface, a backrest and a seating part in one curvature.

The Venom Chair has been digitally designed and developed by using advanced 3d modelling and simulation software in order to produce a better curvature quality on all parts of the furniture without losing any structural and ergonomic qualities.After producing series of 3d printed and paper models on different scales, the first prototype has been built from laminated polyurethane rigid foams by using CNC router. In order to minimize both fabrication time and cost of the materials, the overall geometry is carefully divided into series of double curved assemblies. The final assemblies then combined by using barrel nuts and bolts on specific joints to stabilize the overall structural quality. Finally the carbon fiber coating has been provided with a glossy coating.

Product Information:

Materials & Technology : Double Curved Formwork & Carbon fiber + Aluminium Edge Profile
Dimensions: 950mm x 500mm x 450mm