Take Away Give Away Sofia - The Postcard Guide

Graphic Design
We were invited by Studio KOMPLEKT to take part in the project Take Away Sofia. It gathers Bulgarian artists from various fields with the mission to create a new identity of the Bulgarian souvenir.
Idea - The Postcard Guide
We created a booklet called Take Away Give Away Sofia. It is a compilation of postcards, each of which is a recommendation with tips and tricks from its author on the alternative life in Sofia – bars, food, interesting sights and places to visit, extreme sports, language. Of course, they are all extremely subjective, but also quite personal.

The postcards could be kept as a memory from the city. Or they could be used as a recommendation to a friend for specific things to do or places to see in Sofia.
Limited Edition Posters 
To kick start the project we created a limited series of posters. All revenues from the sales will be invested in the production of the first batch of booklets.
Creative Direction & Graphic Design - Ivaylo Nedkov
Client Service & Project Management - Vera Schwartz / Nadezhda Stefanova
Copywriter - Maria Milusheva
Handwriting - Vera Schwartz 
Photography - Vasil Germanov

Take Away Give Away Sofia - The Postcard Guide