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Royal Jordanian Redesign
Disclaimer: this is a design concept for practice purpose only. 
Earlier this year, I started a design challenge to improve my skills in UX and UI Design. The second project I picked was a redesign to Royal Jordanian Airlines website.
The problem
In short, users were not taken in consideration when this website was designed. When we, designers, work on something and suppose that the user should understand it, it won't work. For example, not all people can interpret what a specific icon means.

Also, bad UX will result in users being frustrated and even the company might lose revenue because of that.
The current design for RJ website.
Here is a quick list of some design issues for the search box:
1. There are tabs at the top, each icon represents a tab. It's very hard to understand what each icon mean until you activate the tab.
2. When everything is important, then nothing is important. The brand colors for RJ are red and brown. We have 7 uses for brown and 2 for red. All icons are in read. Too much, right?
3. No hints for the form elements. Some users won't know what "MM/DD/YYYY" really means. 
4. Confusing design for "Economy, Business..". If these were radio buttons, they would be more recognizable, wouldn't they?
5. "Infants -2". This is so confusing. Simply add increment and decrement buttons and let users do what they want.
Other issues:
1. The ads we see are all inaccessible. Writing text on images without providing an alternative text is extremely bad.
2. A mix of default styles for button and custom ones. CSS is missing?
3. No login or signup?
4. It's so confusing to focus on the search while there is a slider. So confusing. 
5. Not responsive. We are already in June 2017.
In-search warning!
I really didn't know what to call this pattern. If you have a suggestion, please let me know. :D
Once you enter the required details to search, you might be shocked by a message. They could simply show this message in a place other than the search flow which is one of the most important features for an airline website.
Enough issues. I can't cover them all in there. 😂
The New Design
Booking Details
The End
Thanks a lot for reaching to the end.

If you need help in your next project, I'll be happy to hear from you on:
Royal Jordanian Redesign
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Royal Jordanian Redesign

A redesign concept for Royal Jordanians Airlines that solves some of the UX issues for the current design.