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    Noe Two Art
Noé Two Artwork

for a very long time, streets were noe two only means of expression. Influenced by the graffiti style that appeared in the seventies. He became interested in this new method of expression that is graffiti through the hip hop genre. Quicly Noe two combined graffiti with actual canvas wall paintings. Each and every one of his paintings reflect his opinions, his thoughts and becomes the mirror of a momaent, a society and an era .

Today, Noe two delivers all the strength and originalyti of this urban universe. This new mean, more limited in space, also becomes the obvious natural expansion of his artistic envolution. Howerver, his work on canvas does not in anyway restrain him and gives a brand new oppotunity for a more introspective approach.

Like in the streets, his paintingsevolve around two themes, figurative by the creation of a series of portraits, and uses calligraphy for abstraction. The research of the use of color gave noe two the opportunity to conceive his own artistical universe.

He uses a color spectrum to convey emotion.He uses color for itself, warm or cold it becomes a genuine topic of the painting. Noe two pays a lot of attention into to painting sight with exceptional details therefor manages to achieve a first truth.From this sight, main element of the painting, appears an alignment of color spots , colors witch seem fluorescent, radiant, creating therefor a more intensive expression.Far from being a simple figuration exercise, the use of color in the subjective interpretation he creates, this enables this artist to reach a precision that aims to scan the undescriptible In his most abstract creations, color becomes the soul of the painting.The spontaneous way of acting, painting is privileged. The use of spray paint lets unwanted free forms appear. Its of
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