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2016 Adobe Creative Jam - Raleigh, NC
2016 Adobe Creative Jam - Raleigh

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Raleigh Creative Jam in May of 2016. My partner, Carley Cullen, is an MA candidate and Instructor from the University of Iowa. 

The theme of this Creative Jam was "Connect the Dots". 
We wanted to create something that had not been done previously at a Creative Jam, which led us to the idea of working with package design. We arrived to the Jam with duffle bags of printers, an array of empty bottles, cameras, tripods, random packs of 3D glasses, and anything else we would need.

 After brainstorming, we interpreted the theme "Connect the Dots" to mean people as "dots", and events where they "connect". We settled on the idea of Fyooz, the premier vodka, to be served at events where people are connecting--weddings, networking events, or dinner parties. Our label was three-dimensional, and would pop off the bottle when using the old 3D glasses.

Our idea was a success! We won the Judge's Choice and People's Choice awards. I had an amazing time working with Carley, and among such talented artists. 
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2016 Adobe Creative Jam - Raleigh, NC