Medical Center
المركز الطبى
The medical center is a double clinic for both:
Dr. Leila M.Othman
Conslt. Dermatologist of Cosmetic And laser therapy
Member of A.A.DMember of E.A.D.V
Dr. Mohamed M.Salem
Member of A.o.I.A
Member of I.c.o.I
Member of A.D.A

Dr Leila is specialized in cosmetics and laser therapy and Dr. Mohamed is specialized in dental art
the challenge in creating this identity was designing a logo that includes both specialities for the clinic 

I used two symbols for the identity
The woman's profile: representing beauty
The tooth: representing dental art 
and combined between them in a circular design to represent unity
chosen logo outline
final logo design with colors and text
Arabic Business Cards
English Business Cards
Garage sign mockup
Final Felix sign
Staff T-shirts
Patients' record folders
Production and laser cutting by Mr. Mohamed El Said