Conference Systems
Mobile App Controls

A simple solution to manage complex
conference spaces at SSC​​​​​​​
The control systems at SSC can support the Crestron App™ for iOS. Using this application the staff at SSC can quickly get meeting room status and control.
The following pages represent the flow and features recommended for this application.
The color and flow follow Starbucks® marketing guidelines for better branding and familiarity.
The first screen is a “card” overview of all conference rooms. At a glance you can see
if any rooms have generated an error. You can also tap a room to get more in depth controls of the space
Tapping a room card pulls up quick information on the room. At a glance you can see if the room is active, daily use cycles, audio levels, and any active alerts. From this page you can return to the room list or tap room features to adjust them. You can easily change between rooms in the scrolling top horizontal menu navigation. 

There is also a user interaction allowing staff to send a message to the in-room touchscreen: “Help is on the way!”
Tapping the system status text will pull up quick controls to quick start a meeting or turn the system off.
Tapping the audio status from the room overview will show this page. Staff can
adjust main or individual audio levels for the room.

Need the presenter mic just a little louder? A quick adjustment allows the meeting to
Device not operating properly? Tap the alerts section from the room overview to reveal diagnostic tools to put hardware back online.

Reboot the control, video, or audio system. Get details about self diagnosing errors the
system has identified. Alert the user that you are remotely getting their meeting back online.
Keep the user up to date by sending them an update. From the overview page tap
“Send Message to Room” to send a message to the in room touchscreen.

“We’ve adjusted the audio per your request, let us know if you need anything else”
“There is an issue in the system, we’re on our way.”