Stol means chair in Swedish.
I designed this chair at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies in Stockholm, Sweden. Being from México it was my desire to build my first chair in this country because of the great furniture culture there is, but it was also my desire to take it back home, this was one of the main reasosn I made ir knock down and with flat package. 

Scandinavian design was the main inspiration for this piece; functionality meets glue less construction on a chair that represents the main characteristics of one of the best cultures in furniture.

Working in collaboration with leather handcraftman David Sellberg, from Sadelmakarmästarna in Stockholm, Sweden
This project was exhibited with design collective Serie-limitada at Milan´s Furniture Fair, APR 2012.

Knock down Chair
-Step 1
 -Step 2
-Step 3
-Step 4
All pictures by Kaleb J Cárdenas Z