Saigon Hot Girls 2013 Try-outs

Client: Saigon Heat
Saigon HotGirl’s are an extensionof our Saigon Heat Professional sports program. They are a group of talented dancers that are there to support the teamand ensure the fans do not loose their enthusiasm through the games entirety, guaranteeingthat the crowd will have an entertaining experience from start to finish.
Moreover, a Saigon HotGirlis a girl who is in constant motion; dance is not only a passion, it is asport. She embodies high-energy,strength and confidence. She isbeautiful from the inside out and behaves in a respectable, professionalmanner. Above all, a Saigon HotGirl ispassionate about basketball, the fans and her community. Getting involved in numerous publicappearances, sponsorship events and community engagement events.