A hotel with an elegant, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Kirimizi is a new charming hotel by the beach, in Pemba, Mozambique, with 38 rooms aimed mainly at westerns working locally. Architecture by Carlos Prata and interiors by Mariana Setas.


European confort & African aesthetics 

We took inspiration in the blend of African patterns, textures and colours,
as well as the surrounding vegetation, to create a strong and organic identity,
taking the K as the main element. 

The stationary reflects the inspiration in nature, with the use of high relief, textures, 
and assimetric cuts, in a natural organic paper.


We developed a bespoke typeface based on the geometric elements of the logo, to apply on subsequent applications that extend the brand and help to create an empathic relation between the environment, staff and guests.
Look & Feel

Taking local Capulanas as an inspiration, a series of brand materials were created, like different pattern fabrics used as scarfs, staff informal uniform, and table towels. A special accessories edition was produced with a craftsman, including jewellery pieces: collars, and Escrava bracelets, that help to represent the umbilical connection between the brand, african nature, and raw materials.
African Natural Beauty

Kirimizi purpose is about encouraging people to go back to natural beauty, slowing down, and living every tiny moment with a free spirit.

Photography by Nuno Moreira / Numo
Jewellery Zeca Folhadela

Raquel Rocha, Mariana Setas, Carlos Prata
Esther Poch, Silvia Antunes, Fernando Cruz, 

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