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    The Japanese pop-up restaurant, Nihonjung.
For somebody whose dream was once a chef.​​​​​​​
It happened in one word. 
My friend said, 
“Why don’t we ‘just’ make pop-up food wagon and ‘just’ sell the real Japanese food 'just' for 2 days.” 
I thought it very funny that he said ‘just’. This reminded me of another dream of being a cook and Japanese old-fashioned things I’d admired. There was no reason to refuse.
First, to make wagon, we collected waste materials. There is manufacturing industrial district near university. On calm days when sun was not too harsh, we took a wander nearby and gathered some stuffs. ​​​​​​​
The damaged pallets, dusty slates, used wood materials, plastic pole and fabrics. We could see many waste things not a trash, but a valuable stuff. Those stuffs were inviting.
The next step was creating a prototype between the idea and the evaluation of an idea.
A pop-up store space was campus during the festival period. Our plan at last began to take shape. It is always exciting to give shape to a plan.
These were the days of the ‘great joy’.
After the ‘Just’ and the ‘great joy’, there was the humdrum life. A humdrum routine of daily life has come back