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Belgian Kennel Club identity & website

Corporate identity for KMSH/SRSH

My task was to create a new identity for the Belgian Kennel Club KMSH. 
Since its foundation in 1882, the Royal Society of Saint Hubert (KMSH) pursues one main goal: maintaining and improving the dog breeds in Belgium. Always working to improve the breeding of dogs in Belgium, with the welfare of the dog at heart.
After multiple workshops with KMSH we we're able to determine their business values and mission, which we used as a starting point for the new identity.

The original logo is a magnificent illustration of the mascot dog, the Bloodhound. It was created as an etch in 1882 and has survived the test of time. Even though I really love the authentic vibe of the original logo, I knew it was time for an update. From now on the logo is availlable in 5 colour variations: blue, green, orange, yellow and white. The whitespace has a filling of 5% of the main colour.


Colour pallet.
Based on the business values I have selected a triadic pallet of three completely different colours that manage to work together harmoniously and effectively. Blue for trust, serenity and strenght. Green for growth, welfare/health and freshness. Orange for happiness, warmth and optimism. These colours are supported by a range of secondary colour o

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Belgian Kennel Club identity & website

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Belgian Kennel Club identity & website

A corporate identity and website for the Belgian Kennel Club