M.F.M Main Feeding Machine.
M.F.M.  (Main Feeding Machine)


3rd part of “Feeder Industries“ (F-001#M.M.C#M.F.M.)
project 2016/17
credits: Alexander Nasmyth,
Georg Friedrich Kersting, Carl Spitzweg & Felicia Schütte Portrait (www.creativEnvision)

First the cows and pigs died in the Western territories. With the passing of the month they perished. After that, the chickens.
After all, why should they keep on living? They took up space and they were no longer economically efficient. So why feed them? The few that did not starve to death were eaten in a final, ritualized sacrificial feast, or they were hunted and killed by an organization under government contract. We didn’t know what then happened to them. Some were able to escape and were seen in groups in the mountains. No one paid attention to them any more. They went wild. No one really missed them. Except for the milk drinkers and cheese enthusiasts. But we had found alternatives for that.

New cities and industries developed on the former pastures, and land became cheaper. It was especially the smaller countries such as Japan, Belgium and the Netherlands that benefitted from that. But basically, every country and continent did.

We had an abundance of meat of every kind. The Feeders provided us with everything that was edible and derived from animals. In that respect, we lived in paradise for a certain time. Remote regions were supplied by mobile or flying Feeder units. The meat was perfectly synthesized, antiseptic, rich in protein and low in fat. It was available to everybody free of charge as a basic food supply. Actually it was free. The price we paid for it was lethargy and agony. What were we supposed to struggle for any more? We had enough to eat and wanted to keep the situation as it was. To this end we had to stabilize the political power structure by means of our voting behaviour.

F.I.D (Feeder Limited Industries) had become well connected on a global scale, and belonged to the leading food syndicate A.F.D (All Food Unlimited Industries) with strong links to the political establishment.

It was a sunny day when I drove through the fields, and for years I hadn't perceived farming smells. Even the flowers could be smelled driving past. I always had a small IMPS bar (in vitro meat production system) packaged in silver foil on me. For the occasional snack.
My wife, like all vegetarians and vegans, was not very happy about the fact that I now ate more meat than I used to. She therefore had a V.F.S.D bar (Vegetarian Food Service Limited Industries) with her; it, too, is a subsidiary of A.F.D.
They operated huge light farms in which vegetables and fruits were produced at unbeatable prices. In short, we had what we needed, and there were enough people who wondered what they were supposed to do with the time that they had because there was no need to work for food.

On a little trip to the mountains to enjoy the snow for three days, we spoke of how good it was that there hadn't been any flies last summer when a little swarm of mosquitoes attacked us. Now why had they survived? And why were they suddenly there even in the winter? This was a new development, and scientists were divided on the question as to why, ten years after the new food distribution system had been established, mosquitoes were encountered in every season.
We jumped onto our skis and descended into the valley, hoping to get rid of the pests. It worked, but I still had a few remarkable bites in my face. My wife was spared.
Half a year after our brief holiday trip, some of our friends and acquaintances disappeared. Yes, that’s right. They disappeared. On inquiry to the authorities we received no further information. On the contrary, they claimed that these people had never existed. What appalled us most of all was the fact that former common friends could not remember those who had disappeared. This had been going on for half a year. Jack just passed by us, completely helpless. Bryan’s dog. Bryan had also disappeared. Our search was futile, even his house had disappeared. In its place there was a small park with a fountain. Hordes of dogs that had gone wild flooded the big cities; Rome was hit especially hard. However, due to the disappearance of thousands of people, there was no lack of housing any more. Since for a certain period the masses of dogs became increasingly absurd, it was not surprising that there was no public outcry when they gradually disappeared. However, no dog cadavers were discovered.
On Monday, I drove to work as usual; however, there was remarkably little traffic. Unusual. I worked for C.A.L (Cleaning Association Limited). It was our task to ensure that the streets were kept clean and that the Feeders had free access everywhere.
This included keeping airspace clear for mobile units and monitoring it.
Our company was small in numbers, but we had a huge turnover.
All unpleasant or precarious work was outsourced to subcontractors or done by our drones.
Yes, I worked even though I had no need to; but the company offered me incentives about which I couldn't even speak with my wife. My official account is, “I have to do something”.

When I looked out the window, still scratching the mosquito bites that I had got a whole six months ago, I noticed a huge body of mosquitoes moving through the streets. This increase was so great that C.A.L actually had to intervene. Actually. But in fact nothing happened. Now that I came to think about it, I noticed that the swarms always occurred in immediate connection with the appearance of the Feeders. I sent a note about this idea to my superiors, but only received the following information: No relationship between Feeders and mosquito swarms could be found. Thank you for your inquiry.

When I tried to go over to the gym across the street during my lunch break, I could hardly get through.
Another one of these demonstrations by vegetarians who wanted work. Most of them were women. It was already the third event of this kind this month. My workout went well and I noticed an increasingly strong performance.

After work I finally decided to go to the doctor. The itching simply wouldn’t stop. The swelling had disappeared, but the redness and the itching remained. I was fed up with this. When I arrived, the waiting room looked full. There was also a queue at the dermatologist’s. At the very beginning there was an assistant who asked me about my symptoms. When I described my symptoms to her, she sent to her colleague who immediately gave me a medicinal compound. It was said to have been specifically developed for this kind of mosquito bite and brand new. The majority seemed to need this remedy.
So I wasn’t alone. But who would develop such a remedy so quickly if it isn't financially worth the trouble? And why did it come on the market without a lot of advertising? The physician should only be consulted if the remedy fails. That was not the case.
After five days, all my symptoms had disappeared. Strangely, I also felt uncannily good. I was relaxed as I hadn’t been for a long time, and found that life as a whole was perfect. I wasn’t familiar with this feeling within myself, but after a period of disconcertment, I completely welcomed it. In this point I was in stark contrast to my wife, who never tired of debating about the deplorable shortcomings in our society. One morning, her bed was empty. No note on the refrigerator, no message, nothing at all. Only our mosquito traps had disappeared. I looked for her at her favourite spots and in the park in front of our house. Nothing. When I looked at the clock, it was already ten o’clock, and I was supposed to be at work. It was 6 June 2066. Wow – as far as I knew, I had gone to bed on 1 June. I am so certain about that because my favourite TV series ran then. I reported sick and phoned her friends. They were amazed about my inquiry because the gist of it was that I had never had a wife, I was single. Now, apparently, the same thing had happened to me as to so many others. I never wanted to believe it… There was something ultra-rotten about this. I rubbed my remedy onto my mosquito-bitten face, which was purportedly still contaminated (the medicine had to be used for the rest of my life), and decided to get my thoughts in order and to get some sleep.
7 June 2066, six o’clock. The alarm clock rang. I got out of bed, had a cup of coffee and decided to go to the disco with Eckkehardt tomorrow evening. After all, I was only thirty and hadn’t finished family planning. I was single, and like any other single, I didn’t want to stay single.

3rd. TV show from “Feeding Television“

Feeder Industries

A project funded by the European Union, bitcoin  & CreativEnvision

Family photo by
Felicia Schütte Portrait


An every day excursion
(Original background by Carl Spitzweg:In the Alpine High Valley (Landscape with Mt. Wendelstein) around 1871)

Mechanical ballet 01

Mechanical ballet 02

Edinburgh after Reconstruction

(Original background image“Princes Street with the Commencement of the Building of the Royal Institution“
by Alexander Nasmyth. 1825)

Mechanical ballet 03

Mechanical ballet 04

(Origianl Background Image:Georg Friedrich Kersting, Friedrich Painting in his Studio. 1814)

A “happy cow“ elevation

M.F.M Main Feeding Machine.