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    Second project for intro to Graphic Design class.
This is the second project for my Graphic Design intro class. The prompt given to us dealt with designing a poster that supported some sort of issue that we have knowledge and are passionate about. My issue being the funding for NASA, which is simply presented by the illustration of a homeless astronaut. 

Here is a brief I wrote for the poster:

The purpose of this poster is to bring information to the audience about how NASA is under-funded at the moment. I wanted the message to include some sort of shock factor, something that will instantly grab the attention of the viewer, in this case it's vulgarity. Put simply, the message is that we need to stop seeing NASA as a handout, and instead invest in something that is much more important than people percieve it to be. The poster is meant to target a wide variety of people, and that wide variety being the American people. The doubling of NASA's budet would affect everyone who lives in the United States, and it would bring about an era of greatness they haven't seen in decades.