Abhigyan Shakuntalam Haute Couture designs
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Kalidasa’s  'Abhigyanshakuntalam' is a literary masterpiece. It’s the story of Shakuntala, the daughter of sage Vishwamitra and apsara Menaka, who marries Raja Dushyant.  Each and every character is so beautifully sketched out that the play has become a part of our rich culture. Especially the image of Shakuntala, wearing flowers as ornaments, has embedded in our memories. It has inspired a lot of artists across the world.

Abhigyan Shakuntalam is based on the many beautiful and fragrant Indian flowers that Shakuntala adorned as her shringaar. Each piece of its jewellery is masterly crafted to give you an elegant and exquisite look, rooted in Indian tastes but re-interpreted in contemporary flavours.
Neel Utpala
 inspired by Blue Lotus
inspired by the Lotus
inspired by the Ixora flower
Padma Patra
inspired by the Lotus Leaf
Pushpika Haaram
inspired by garland of flowers
inspired by the golden fish