Copywriting: Maria Pawlikowska
Storyboard: Ewa Skowron
Character design & concept-art: Kasia Granica
Illustration: Kasia Granica
Rigging, Animation, Compositing, Post-production: Kasia Granica
Music & Sound Design: Studio Nagrywarka
Art Direction: Tomasz Miazga
Project Manager: Martyna Orlik
New Business & Account Manager: Filip Wołowski

TEROS offers a complete home security and automation solution. Comparing to the conventional security systems, TEROS is much cheaper, and no additional automation devices are required. When we discussed the whole process over the brief, the client underlined that product awareness is our biggest goal to achieve. With smooth storytelling, we’ve tried to reach our audience: homeowners, renters and those, who can’t afford expensive home security. We’ve also presented the TEROS guardians as tech-gurus who provide live support for all this technology. We kindly asked our client to believe in our way of thinking - we’ve created a neighborhood with different types of characters who have one thing in common - TEROS security.