Archive, Brand Identity & Interior Design


Interior Design and Brand Identity

After 5 years of existence on the streets of Villeray, Archive has become an undeniable chill space for people living area and around the city. Victims of their own success, the owners wanted to expand to better accommodate regulars, as well as welcome a larger clientele, all the while keeping the unique feel of the space.

For their first collaboration, Ethos and The Make Co. joined forces to deliver a truly integrated project. The Make Co. was responsible for redefining the interior design and shopping experience, while Ethos has taken charge of the company’s ever-evolving visual identity.

The changes include a major expansion of the commercial space with a new, sleek look, custom furniture and fixtures, and special areas for a coffee bar, baked goods, and a surf zone. Updates also included the creation of a new logo, signature, and colour palette, the design of loyalty cards, coffee cups, and bags, some merch design, and the creation of an external mural.

The new flagship colour refers directly to the cold waters of the North American coasts. The 'A' symbol which points towards the past, refers to the name 'Archive' and the interest of the owners in products with a history. Stickers were designed to serve as an iconic tool at point-of-sale, on take-away coffee cups, shopping bags, and gift certificates. Building materials such as white oak, white steel and concrete produce a simple, timeless and luminous environment. The backlit surf area attracts the attention of passers-by, illuminating the store at night.

All these changes serve to improve Archive’s reach, enhance the public’s sense of belonging, better showcase products, and encourage people to linger a little longer at the store.

Brand Identity: Rachel Lecompte and Gabriel Lefebvre, ethos
Interior Design: Daniel Finkelstein, The Make Co.
Photography: Cindy Boyce
Clients: Myriam Granger and Sebastien Burns, Boutique Archive

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Archive, Brand Identity & Interior Design

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Archive, Brand Identity & Interior Design

Interior Design & Brand Identity for Boutique Archive.