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How to Raise Humble Children?
If you are interested in raising children who are humble and kind despite achieving the major hallmarks in life, you will have to focus on the parenting strategy first. Even though it has become hard to help the children who are arrogant and who have the habit of taking things for granted, however, it can be sorted if the parents invest time on the children at young children.  For instance, some of the children would think they are entitled to ride on the cars without considering the other sibling's wishes. This is how the sense of arrogance develops and nurtures into all the negative traits you would like for your children to have in this world. This is not say that confidence in children is not good, however, if it is not in check, children can feel entitled to things they are not. Therefore, following are the helpful tips.
Materialistic Possessions
It has been noticed that parents tend to fulfill the emotional needs of the children with materialistic possession and it turns into an addiction for the children. This is not to say materialistic needs are not important, however, if a child is not introduced to other significant aspects or if the overall world view of the child revolves around one aspect of life, the children will develop the wrong state of mind which will only make them overconfident or arrogant about the achievements or good things in the life. Therefore, it is necessary that you pay attention to the emotional needs of the child and make them strong so that they will be able to deal with hardships smoothly.
Avoid Shaming
If you are not aware how damaging it can be for the children to be ashamed by the parents, you will need to revise your strategy because it can lead to low self-esteem, among other issues in children. However, if you give everything to children, it could also lead to wrong consequences.  In simple words, the best approach is to empower the children so that they develop a confident personality.

Similarly, getting into arguments with children is another useless exercise which would only increase the distance between you and the child in terms of ruining the nature of the relationship. This implies that parents are expected to be more than careful when it is about the children. For instance, if you make the child feel bad or ashamed for asking for something he/she may need, chances are the next time, the child will not ask. And if the child is not talking to you or stops asking for the necessary things, it would make reflect in the personality in form of various negative traits.
Moreover, if you lose temperament rather than encouraging the children to become self-sufficient in terms of taking care of the needs, the child may stop interacting with you. And if you happen to live with grandparents of the child, they may fulfill the wishes of the child. Though grandparents help to impart many good values, however, if parents do not give attention to the children, they can become overconfident. And a sense of overconfidence will fuel the sense of entitlement in the children. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy the materialistic things to children; however, the emotional value should also be incorporated to make the children grounded. In addition, if the children are supported by the parents, it gives a boost to the self-esteem which defines many characteristics in children.​​​​​​​
Value of Hard work
If you want your children to value the hard work and not run away from learning, the best way is to encourage them to do summer internships or work in fields or areas they like. The main idea is to introduce the children to hard work and show them how hard it is to earn money without the help of the parents. This will also help them to value your efforts and energy invested for the children on the daily basis. Likewise, if the children get to meet other children or who are less privileged, they will become more humble in their outlook towards life.
Holding a job
Though some of the children learn to earn money at a young age, however, if your child is new to holding a job outside the comfort zone, it is another thing. This means that you should support the child in getting a new job that is obtained purely on the merit rather than contacts. The main aim is to make them familiar with the process and getting used to things that one can come across while working. For instance, the child may be asked to do more work for less credit in addition to dealing with the competition at work. Similarly, if you provide everything to the child, they should also know how hard it is for those who struggle to earn the living.​​​​​​​
Though children are supposed to be responsible if they are given the task or asked to babysit the younger sibling, however, games or school activities can also hone this skill in the children. For example, if you involve the children in little tasks or chores, they will learn to value the sense of achievement after working hard rather than getting rewards without any effort. Similarly, a sense of prioritization is another skill that will help them when children grow up. For example, if your child has broken something in the kitchen, you can choose to get angry at them or help them clear the mess. The only difference is that if you help them sort the mess out, children will learn to manage hard things in the later stages of life.
To put simply, in the modern age, raising the children with the good values had become hard, however, if you introduce them to list of points mentioned above, children will learn to value all they have in form of becoming grateful and it will also help them to see the world from humble worldview.