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    This was an advertisement we ran on our local social media channels. The messaging is also included here.
Dallas County Bail Bonds Graphic
This was a advertising piece that we ran through our local social media channels. Below is the message that accompanied it.
If you're trying to find a company that specializes in Dallas County bail bonds, then you've potentially got a lot of work in front of you. It will take you a lot of time to filter out all the "mom and pop" bonding companies from the bigger more established ones, which is very important when you want someone to act quickly in getting your friend or loved one out of jail. Furthermore, a lot of these companies never answer their phone. I'm not sure how they stay open for business. It's like having a retail store, but never being open. What's the point? Another problem people run into is that the receptionists of some of these bonding companies are extremely rude and talk down to you. No one wants to have to deal with that. Don't worry, we've come up with a solution.

At Tx Bail Bonds, we've done research into which Dallas County bonding company is the best. We've rated them all, from worst to best, and you can view the agency we've recommended on our website. For information on Dallas County bail bonds, visit http://txbailbonds.org/dallas-county/ and read through the information we've put on that page. It's specific to Dallas County, Texas and other bonding companies won't be able to help you post bail as well as the one we've recommended. Trust me. We've checked.

Here's how our rating system works. We visit each company that writes bonds in the Dallas/Ft Worth metropolitan area. We talk to their staff and their customers. We make sure that their licensed by the State of Texas and authorized to write surety bonds in the counties that they advertise in. We call the bonding company under the guise of a prospective client wanting to bail someone out of jail (like a secret shopper). After that, we compile all of the data and have our interns sort through all of it to come up with our master list. The Dallas bail bondsman who ranks at the top gets listed on our site. It's that simple.

About Dallas County Bail Bonds

The Dallas County Sherriff's Department oversees all serious arrests and holds within Dallas County. Even though individual cities may have their own police departments, and even jails, the seriousness of the charges will dictate where the person is incarcerated.

For general traffic stops, public intoxication, and Class C misdemeanor warrants, then the City of Dallas, TX police department will handle the inmate. For people who didn’t post bail and are waiting to go in front of the judge, those who had court and are awaiting transfer to a state or federal prison, and those summoned by a judge to appear in court from a different jail or detention site. they will be jailed in the Dallas County facility. To find your friend or loved one, you can use the Dallas County Inmate Search website. You should definitely do this before calling any bail bonds company.

What a Dallas Bondsman Does

How the whole bonding process works is actually pretty simple. A lot of people think that it is very complicated, but it isn't. A lot of times, our recommended Dallas County bondsman can get a bail bond written in less than an hour. Basically, a bonding company writes an insurance policy for an individual incarcerated in Dallas, Texas. In order for the bond to go into effect, there has to be a qualified co-signer present who will sign for the individual. In some cases where the bail amount that is originally set by the judge or magistrate is extremely high, collateral may be required.

Once the bond is written, a premium will be charged to the individual co-signing for the inmate. In the state of Texas, this can range anywhere from 10%-20% depending on the charges and the qualifications of the co-signer.