"Yellow Mello, with its very well defined process managed to bring the reality and the quality that we expected of this project." (Michel Motta - Creative Director)

The main focus of this campaign is to be able make the urologist doctors in Brazil, at the time of the diagnosis, evaluate all the symptoms of the male patient seeing all the sides of the LUTS - bladder and prostate. In Brazil, urologists often diagnose symptoms as problems of prostate, ignoring the bladder. So it is no more simple and straightforward than showing the word "Próstata" (prostate)  made out of a balloon texture (in portuguese, both bladder and balloon are described by the same word, "bexiga") and thus making the doctor think about the need to see the two problems together (prostate and bladder) and thus reinforce that Astellas has a specific medicine for this disease.

The challenge here was to make the production as real as possible and let the word "Próstata" have a very real balloon finish (again, in portuguese balloon and bladder are described by the same word, 'bexiga').