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    Product Concept of Degree Work
 "What can happen if the cycle-friendly infrastructure grows in a city of multimillion habitants?"
SPACE is an urban folding bicycle, which provides quick and comfortable travel experience. Even in a bicycle friendly infrastructure, lack of space is always a problem. The most practical choice for our urban lifestyle is a folding bicycle. For daily use, the folding process needs to be very simple, while allowing the bicycle to maintain the speed and cycling experince of a traditional bicycle. This is why the focus of SPACE concept bicycle is it's one-touch unfolding mechanism and 20 inches wheels.
How cool it would be if, after meeting a friend and having a glass of beer i wouldn't have to cycle home but i could ride a cab or use public transportation? Same situation if it rains or if there is a malfunction. The folding bike construction offers a wide range of solutions for the city-dwellers in such situations that are not even supported by the cycle-friendly infrastructure. Meanwhile the foldable bikes do not offer the same riding experience as a normal bicycle, and are quite complicated to handle. My aim was to design a folding bike, that provides the same easy handling should you be opening it, closing it or riding it.
What can happen if the cycle-friendly infrastructure grows in a city of multimillion habitants? Probably the three problems listed above would only get stronger, The transport regulations will only get more strict. There will be less space in the parking lots and on the public transportation for bikers to travel comfortably, and the thieves will only smile because of their gold mine. For keeping riding a bike a practical and free experience in the big cities, we do need folding bikes!
The foldable structure is perfect for multiple ways of life and situations. You don't have to worry about leaving the bike behind on the street somewhere, or about the weather and you can also feel free to have a glass of this or that.
But for the currently available folding bikes, they have some typical problems, like: "the joint is not quite unaesthetic, the joint is very complicated, they are slow, they are hard to open and it his hard to paddle them.” All these problems had to be solved for the everyday use, because we needed the most comfortable, simple and the fastest construction.

The backbone of the geometry was to make the going more comfortable, because the bicycles with small wheels tend to shake a lot. This was the reason of my choice of 20'' wheels. They are 3 sizes bigger than the usual folding- bike wheels ( 14'', 16'' or 18 '').
The angle of the head tube serves the same way but it also brings the handlebars closer to the saddle. This is important, because for the closing sequence the saddle got a few centimeters more to the back to enable the seat post slide into the seat tube. The distance between the two wheels is approximately 50 mms wider that the usual. This also serves for stabilizing the vehicle. The height of the handlebars is 1000 mm for the easy pull or push alongside.

This picture makes it clearly visible, that you don't even have to change the grip for the closing, and it only gets easier if you close the steerer also. Opening the bike is even easier- you have to release the two wheels and it opens by itself.
The size folded is nearly half as long as when it is open. The current regulation for luggage of the Budapest Centre for Transportation allows two luggages of the dimension of 40x50x80 cm or one 20x20x200 cm for one person onboard. In this case the size exceeds this limitation by 10 cm-s, but with using only one size smaller wheels and a folding steerer the size would fit the regulations.
In this case this was not my first-rate requirement during the design-process, because the hand luggage size regulations vary from country to country. The main point is that the bike is able to be carried like this and can also fit into a smaller car's trunk.

Closing is very easy. The saddle has to be slid as far as it goes. Afterwards the button has to be pressed while holding on to the frame the structure can be closed with the same move- making the bike fold itself. The most important part of the structure in this case is the threaded rotation point, that pushes the frame out of the original plane so as to let the tho wheels get side by side and to create an always accurate joint for the two separate pieces of the frame.