Solluna - Student Portfolio Interactive Print
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In preparation for graduation students at EKU create physical portfolios to showcase their work in conjunction with their BFA capstone project. A minimum of 12 pieces of work that were recently completed must be selected and it must work cohesively with your personal brand. All construction, materials, and formatting were defined by the student

Bringing 18 papers from 3 different mills I challenged myself to utilize each paper to accentuate the purpose and possibilities of my individual projects. The result is only slighly larger then a traditional paperback novel but can extend over 2.5'. Each paper brings different colors, ink holdout, and tactile feedback to cosntantly re-engage the viewer. The folding causes you to slow down and thoroughly view the work while also adding to the narrative elements of each project. Monsters rise up from the desert, asteroids spin through outer space, and type crumples apart. It all rolls the viewer back to the front to remind them, "It's all about the story."

The copy for each individual project can be found here.
Full List of Papers Used (if you're into that kind of thing).

Reich Paper
-CT Clear #30
-Aveo White Sugar 80t
-Aveo White Sugar 92c
-Savoy Brilliant White 118C

Mohawk Paper
-Loop Smooth Pure White 70t
-Loop Smooth Pure White 100t
-Loop Smooth Pure White 80c
-Loop Silk Coated 80c
-Brithue Vellum Gold 60c
-Brithue Vellum Lime Green 60c
-Brithue Vellum Blue 60c
-Brithue Vellum Ultra Fuschia 60c
-Brithue Vellum Ultra Lava 60c
-Brithue Vellum Ultra Grape 60c
-Brithue Vellum Sun Yellow 60c
-Superfine Smooth Ultrawhite 100t
-Superfine Smooth Ultrawhite 120 DTC 

-Advanced Glossy Photo Paper

Solluna - Student Portfolio Interactive Print

Solluna - Student Portfolio Interactive Print

A physical portfolio that utilizes folds, binding, and numerous papers to create an interactive print experience for my student work.