Shadow of the Past

For this project, I have to push the type boundaries even further and create my own type. Pick an architecture-themed conference, event, tribute, or lecture series; either an existing one or invent one. Describe the event as a whole and determine three main topics to be discussed or featured, one topic for each poster. 

To develop my concept on abandoned buildings, I had to determine what important thing abandoned structures share in common. I found out that most abandoned buildings have not been repaired for 
a long time, so some parts of buildings are destroyed or taken over by plants, sands, and water. Others have been destroyed by fire or simply left unfinished. And some of them were not even finished before they were abandoned. Based on my research, I developed a concept that shows the contrast between complete parts and incomplete parts of buildings. For ruined and overgrown structures, I used the same material from the unfinished poster and combined it with different materials to create the letters. For the ruined concept, I used fire to break the letters. And for overgrowth, I covered the letters with grass and plants.