// NIKE HO14 NSW t-shirt graphics
For the Holiday 2014 season Nike Sportswear put together a collection around dimension and perspective, and wanted to try a 3d treatment on both their italic and "Just Do IT' logos. Nike's NSW team asked us to use a similar style to the one we used for some pieces made in 2012, which used cloned circular arcs extending back through space. The biggest challenge we faced was retaining legibility with broken letterforms. Both logos needed to be easily identifiable when read from a distance, as well as up close. We spent a month trying different techniques, until we landed on designs which had both the depth and clarity needed to push the project through to print. 
The shirts were released globally in the Winter of 2014 for the Young Athletes category, carried both in stores and on Nike.com.  
Client: NIKE
Category: NSW
Global NSW Director: Susan Brown
Creative Director: Colin Strandberg
Graphic design: Chad Ponticas & Raymond Rivera

Brief #1: NIKE Futura t-shirt
Brief #2: NIKE JDI t-shirt

R&D / Inspiration
We utilized Spline masking techniques to cut out shapes from both of the logos, then arranged them in Z-space to create the depth. The process was a lot of back and forth between how far we could pull the pieces without losing legibility. 

Testing ambient occlusion and shadows.
We ended up removing the AO and shadow passes at the end due to printing restrictions. Implying depth without shadows required us to be selective with our coloring, pushing darker colors to the back and brighter to the front. 

Final graphics: