Type With Pride Contest
Type With Pride Contest

In May 2017, Fontself and promotional partners Adobe, Ogilvy & Mather, NewFest, NYC Pride & Kinetic invited creatives to design their own banners, posters, videos and signs to celebrate diversity & creativity, based on Gilbert, the tribute font to Gilbert Baker's Rainbow Flag.

Kudos to all participants for submitting such great artwork on Behance & Instagram. Now here are the winning entries for each of the PRINT, MOTION and FREEFORM categories!
Grand Prize winners
#1 PRINT: Jean Yu
Graphic Designer - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Jean created 6 posters of illustrated characters inspired by the Gilbert font, and went the extra mile with an illustrated portrait of Gilbert Baker as well as a heart-filled poster.

#1 MOTION: Nowy Aratan
Motion Designer - Cavite, Philippines
Nowy designed a cheerful animation with a pop & festive look.
Bring the volume up :)

Designers - New-York, USA
JUDiTH+ROLFE went the DIY approach by crafting a paper-based title, extending this approach with another colorful paperwork design.
Additional winners
#2 PRINT: Clemens Maurer
Art Director & Designer - Berlin, Germany
Clemens designed two posters based on an urban wordplay, and also went visually wild with another illustrated poster

#2 MOTION: Michael Huang
Graphic Designer - Glendale, USA
Michael created animated letters & stripes to simulate the pride march throughout the streets of an isometric city.

#2 FREEFORM: @jilimili, @preusserfrederike, rebecca & @SebastianLipp

#3 PRINT: Carolina Lara-Mesa
Graphic Designer - Miami, USA
Carolina blended the color & shapes of an intertwined titling artwork

#3 MOTION: RF Jurjevics & Rehj Cantrell
Brooklyn USA
RF & Rehj used stop-motion animation to illustrate the craftsmanship required to make the Rainbow Flag as well as the Gilbert font.

#3 FREEFORM: Sharp Fox
Illustrator & Artist
Sharp Fox created illustrated characters to portray some of the colorful people and items of the 2017 Pride March.
Congrats to the winners & thanks again to all the participants ! Keep being creative & sharing the love!

3 winners will be picked per category and 1 grand prize winner per category:
- The 3 grand prize winning entries will be showcased on Times Square screens and across New York during Pride Month, throughout June, 2017.
- Grand prize winners will also get a 1-year Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, a 1-year Adobe Stock subscription, plus a Fontself Bundle license for both Illustrator and Photoshop.
- The 6 other prize winners will each get a 1-year Adobe Stock subscription and a Fontself Bundle license for both Illustrator and Photoshop.

The original Gilbert typeface is available for free as OpenType .otf font files or .EPS vector artwork, and an Illustrator .AIT template is also available on Adobe Stock.
See the official contest rules for more details.
You can apply any color treatment to your contest submission. Should you want to match the Gilbert's color font palette, feel free to use the following colors:

Red         (255, 67, 56) (Warm Red C) (#FF4338)
Orange    (255, 107, 0) (1505 C) (#FF6B00)
Yellow      (255, 200, 67)(1225 C) (#FFC843)
Green      (5, 206, 124) (7479 C) (#05CE7C)
Blue         (0, 179, 227) (306 C) (#00B3E3)
Purple      (218, 58, 179) (2385 C) (#DA3AB3)
Type With Pride Contest

Type With Pride Contest

Wanna see your artwork on Times Square? Turn the Gilbert font into a socially positive creation & join our contest!