Eyewear brand for the young: strategy, design, communication.
What is the nightmare of all youth? To be like everyone and be lost as individual. This statement holds for a new eyewear brand Casta, a sub-brand of well-known Ukrainian optics Luxoptica. The time has come for Casta glasses, already well-known for it’s quality and affordable prices, to become a self-aware and proactive young brand. When addressing the young audience big brands usually play footsie thus look fake. The challenge for us was to create an honest brand for millennials. 
The Brandbook itself is an example of style, voice and spirit that will inspire and guide Casta brand in the future. The logo is transformed into abstract symbols, forming the visual slang and the base for further visual communication. The logo itself consists of simple geometric shapes to quietly accompany diverse and emotional photos — the base of every fashion brands communication. 

We made 50+ illustrations for branded stickers. The stickers pack is also available for Telegram Messenger, you can download it for free here.

We created a lookbook concept, where all the photos were made at parties with regular Kyiv partygoers as models. Less commercial — more human. 

We like the idea to name the eyewear collections after the movies of Troma Films, the movie company famous for its low budget trash movies with shocking content.

Outdoor advertising
We wanted the outdoor advertising to engage the audience, to speak its language. This is why the eyewear advertisement looks more like the party posters, therefore stands out and draws attention to itself. 


Designed by Madcats Branding Agency in Kyïv · MMXVII

Management: Alexander Solonko, Gleb Petrov
Art direction and design: Vik Vatamaniuk, Tania Avramenko
Motion Design: Emile Gorodetsky
Photo: Andrey Boyko, Yana Mihaylenko, Oleksiy Berezovskiy
Video: Andrey Boyko

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Disclaimer: All photos used in the Casta lookbook concept and part of the brandbook were used exclusively as an example, with authors agreement. We do not lay any claim on those talented images or their commercial usage of any kind. 
All rights to photography belong to Andrey Boyko, Yana Mihaylenko and Oleksiy Berezovskiy. Thank you, guys!
Special thanks to Arkadiy Pasechnik for creative direction of the logo design.

Casta Eyewear Brand

Casta Eyewear Brand

Eyewear brand for the young: strategy, design, communication