"Buon Pastore" is a line of cheeses crafted with sheep milk and produced in Italy, near Ravenna.
The labels are designed to stand out, so the traditional line is based onto the patterns of traditional hand-printed canvas used for clothes and towels, made with the distinguishing rust colour, while the deluxe line is based on a stylish design, represented historical Ravenna personalities (from King Teodorico to Anita Garibaldi).
The traditional patterns, conceived by the craftsman, recall ancient fabrics like the brocade, the bas-reliefs of Romagna churches, chains of rings, small roses

I create a complete branding image: logo, labels and its elements.
The traditional line is connoted by a hand drawn aesthetic, while the deluxe line is more elegant.

I choose to redesign the traditional patterns, adapting to the labels format; I draw the sheep profile that is not a typical element of this land and I choose a lettering made with a hand-drawn font.
The colors are rust, blue and green to give the line a natural look.
Then, I design the deluxe line with a different choice of colors and drawing six portraits for every product. I decide to work on a distinguishing lettering for every label and to use some other traditional motifs as ornament.

Client: Buon Pastore
Agency: Agenzia Image Ravenna, Italy
Creative direction: Massimo Casamenti
Art direction, graphic design and illustration: Alessandro Bonaccorsi
Logo design for product line
Elements for the traditional line
Traditional line packaging design
 Deluxe line packaging design.
Still-life photographies showing products in context.