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Homeless is the only national charity supporting homeless people in England. We represent homelessness organizations among local, regional and national government.  As the national collaborative hub for information and debate on homelessness, we seek to improve services for homeless people and to advocate policy change. Through this work, we aim to end homelessness in England.
Logo Concept
I concentrated on giving the logo a rough yet distinguished look. The rectangular shape of a card board reflects my vision on focusing the attention on the homeless people's life style. The people without a home all around the world are found using simple material found around the street for shelter. The cardboard is just a simple demonstration on how simple a logo can be yet so efficient on the people actually using this element as an important part of their home. 
The Colors
The colors used are the colors of the cardboard.
The theme will consists of a cardboard texture with some paper torn that represents the suffering of homeless people’s lives.