I had a commission from a photographer who wanted a small logo for his website and business. He wanted something simple but a little quirky. When I asked him an example of what he thought when 'irrational' came up he explained how he always thought of the Alice and Wonderland original illustrations. I started playing the idea without being to cliché. My sketches lead me to a kangaroo rat holding a camera, and then I suggested a simple silhouette of  a kangaroo rat with the flash symbol of a camera in it. The kangaroo rat symbolizes that this photographer is going to go far with his work. and the flash symbol of the camera signifies that he is a photographer.  Simple and clean this symbol can be easily recognized. 
The sketches are done in black and white to see how the silhouettes would work before scanning and putting them in Illustrator. 
Just the logo with out the wordmark
The entire signature