client ___ druckerei eisenhardt
year ___ 2016
The grandfather was a bookbinder, the father a letterpress-printer and the son and owner is an offset- / letterpress-printer and additionally bookbinder. He also does hand papermaking. In turn, his son works as an offset printer in the company. So all in all it is the fourth generation. The relationship to the art of printing is in a sense anchored in the genes. "Handmade" it may be! They have Offset and Heidelberg machines, more than 3000 different kind of papers - so there is no surprise that even paper manufacturers and traders produce with them. “We try to make the most beautiful out of every printing." Also this is how the new corporate design has been developed in an uniform look. We challenged all printing and finishing techniques: color cutting, relief printing, blind embossing, hot foil embossing, watermark and letterpress printing. The result - perfection with haptic experiences.
Art-Direction ___ Christian Vögtlin
Graphic ___ Lisa Walther, Nadine Maerz, Michael Adolph, Leonie Britz
Print ___ Druckerei Eisenhardt

Paper ___ Gmund

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