Identity for my design and (soon to be) clothing company
Terpentin (Turpentine), distilled from pine resin into a rank, chemical-like substance. Although it is made from a pure natural source, it is often percieved as artificial and dangerous.

The brand combines natures ambiguity with the elegance of clean design and a sustainable practice.

The logotype symbol is a stylized pine cone, an example of how the elegance of nature is with help of technology, heart and purpose shaped into a colourful and stylish object. 

All products from Terpentin are organic and created with as small ecological footprint as possible.

Original, on black and monochromatic logo
Logo in complementary colours
Logo with gridlines
Logo sketches
Company font
Colour choice
Business card
Overview A4 and envelopes
Detail envelopes and A4
Detail business cards
Detail of envelope
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